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Bomb Targets in Scotland

Bomb Targets in Scotland You’d never think such a little country would fill up a radar as much as Scotland did during the Cold War. Albeit, Scotland was attached to the UK and thus, by default, became a definitive feature on the Soviet Union’s wish/hit list. A few newspapers, over the decades, have alluded to the idea that the UK government quietly identified potential bombing targets, drawing up evacuation plans and ...

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What is fallout?

What is fallout? What exactly is fallout? Everyone should know it occurs after a nuclear bomb is detonated, plus you’re supposed to board yourself up in your shelter and hide away from it, so we know we should be scared of it, by why should we be exactly? Nuclear fallout is simply debris and particles which are lifted, or suspended, by a bomb’s detonation and become radioactive and harmful to living matter. The...

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Radiation in Scotland

Radiation in Scotland Although no bombs were dropped on the United Kingdom during the Cold War, Scotland did experience its own fair share of radiation exposure during that time of high tensions. It all began in March 1960, when Prime Minister Harold Macmillan sat down with President Eisenhower, over a cup of coffee presumably, to agree on the provisions needed for the West of Scotland to host U.S. nuclear submarines. ...

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A historic miscellany of secrets

A history of Secrets Throughout history, the subtle art of keeping a secret has made the difference between reputation and ruin. Today, many of the secret bunkers of the Cold War have been declassified, but there are some mysteries, however, that might always remain elusive. The Voynich Manuscript This puzzling tome was discovered in 1912, and contains almost 240 pages of beautiful writing and drawings. The langu...

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Meltdown: how to survive a nuclear attack

How to survive an attack The Secret Bunker was constructed almost 100 feet below ground level. It has three tonne blast-proof doors, and is encased in ten feet of protective concrete. Not only is this a great way of protecting those within from the harsh winter weather conditions in Scotland, it is also equipped with everything needed to sustain up to 300 personnel in the event of nuclear attack. Although the Cold War is ...

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The secret's out: five of the world's other famous bunkers

The secret's out In 2010, Chinese inventor Liu Qiyuan started building a Noah’s Ark. It was his preparation for the apocalypse that had been predicted by to occur in 2012 by some grievously misguided Mayans. His belief in the project was so strong that he disbursed his entire life savings on it and he constructed six iterations of his spherical pod design. Of course, the specific threat that gave Liu purpose h...

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Members' Business Debate: 11th June 2014

Scottish Parliament S4M-10114 Roderick Campbell: Scotland’s Secret Bunker Reopening—That the Parliament notes the reopening of Scotland’s Secret Bunker in time for its 20th anniversary celebrations, following a recent series of upgrades; understands that the bunker, which became operational almost 61 years ago, only opened as a tourist attraction in 1994 after been bought in 1993; believes the attraction to be one of...

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My God, what have we done?

My God, what have we done My God, what have we done? At 8.15am on the 6th August, ‘Little Boy’ – the name given to the deadly bomb – was dropped on Hiroshima. The Boeing B-29 bomber was named the ‘Enola Gay’ after the pilot’s mother. The heat and light caused by the bomb were far stronger than anything the world had ever seen before and an area of 4 square miles was wiped by the force of the explosion with a further 12 sq...

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Launch! Launch!

Launch! Launch! The Cold War was a game of nerves where seconds could mean the difference between life and death. Nerves of steel is exactly what lieutenant-colonel Stanislav Petrov had on the night of September 26th 1983. Covering another officer’s shift, Petrov was part of the military intelligence section of the Soviet Union’s secret service and had only just eased himself into the commander’s seat in the s...

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Hiroshima Memoirs

Hiroshima Memoirs For decades, the creation and use of nuclear weapons have been one of the most fiercely debated issues worldwide. Even today, many of the world’s most influential leaders are discussing what action needs to be taken to prevent the future use of nuclear weapons. Luckily today, the majority of people living have never had to experience the devastation caused by the detonation of a nuclear bomb. M...

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