The Secret Bunker is a fantastic opportunity to learn, in a hands on environment, about the Cold War. 

The Secret Bunker has multiple interactive computer screens throughout the two levels which are both fun and educational!

With a variety of rooms on display including the RAF Operations Room and the BBC Studio, children can explore at their own leisure whilst experiencing an authentic nuclear bunker which is filled with interesting memorabilia dating back throughout the Cold War.

We know it’s very likely you’ll be coming by bus and that’s just perfect. We have a large car park right next to the entrance of the Secret Bunker where you can safely park up until it's home time.

A trip to the Secret Bunker is great value for money, combining an informative visit which lasts on average for 2 hours, with a fun underground bunker to explore. 

Teachers go free and admission prices for children are just £8.50. 

We’ve assumed there will be one teacher for every ten children, so for additional adults (because we know Mums and Dads sometimes like to come too) it’s only an additional £12.50. 

Minimum group sizes are 10.

Booking a trip for your class trip to the Secret Bunker is simple. Give us a call us directly to make the arrangements on 01333 310301.

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